Catastrophe of Humanism

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, March 31, 2022
Catastrophe of Humanism

On March 30, Russians shot volunteers evacuating people from Chernihiv

A column of 5 buses with a civilian population and a group of volunteers was shot at aiming and intentionally. The buses were heading to Chernihiv, one of the hot spots in Ukraine, to take people out of there.

The buses were marked as humanitarian, but this did not stop but instead provoked the embittered representatives of the Russian corral.

1 of the volunteers, a young girl, died. Anastasia Tagirova, a second-year student at the Drahomanov National polytechnic institute, was killed in an attempt to save other Ukrainians from the occupiers. 4 other volunteers were seriously injured. 1 of the buses managed to leave under fire on punctured tires. The bus driver was seriously injured and is now in the hospital.

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