CGS “Tower Networks” Enters the Ukrainian Market for the First Time

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
CGS “Tower Networks” Enters the Ukrainian Market for the First Time

The Israeli solution development company CGS "Tower Networks" presented its products to the Ukrainian market for the first time

Their solutions allow you to optimize the traffic flow within the infrastructure, as a result of which all technologies provide relevant traffic in the required volume. This will enable network infrastructure engineers to quickly and easily deploy access points for testing on their network, eliminate blind spots and data congestion, and provide excellent network visibility.

In addition to Ukraine, CGS Tower Networks also offers its products for the first time in the markets of the following countries: Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

Clients will have access to 4 types of solutions:

  • Network TAP (Test Access Point);
  • Network Packet Brokers;
  • Advanced Network Packet Brokers;
  • Virtual Advanced Network Packet Brokers.

About CGS Tower Networks

  1. CGS Tower Networks is a manufacturer of solutions for optimizing cybersecurity systems and network monitoring, which is distributed by BAKOTECH in Ukraine, the CIS countries and Central Asia.
  2. CGS Tower Networks network visualization solutions can increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of using information security and network monitoring tools provided by services in the required volume and the correct format for each of these tools.
  3. products provide an edge to large and midsize businesses in the telecommunications, utilities, financial and government sectors. These auxiliary solutions can work with any product, from antivirus to monitoring systems.
  4. CGS Tower Networks has developed next-generation appliances that enhance cybersecurity, rich data analytics and monitoring tools. It is the only company to provide broker packages using leading hardware platforms. This allows us to provide high network visibility, optimize tools and minimize costs.

Popular solutions and equipment CGS Tower Networks

  • Standard packet brokers on switches;
  • Advanced batch brokers on the CPU;
  • Passive network TAPs.


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