Changes in the Ukrainian Labor Market in 2021

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Changes in the Ukrainian Labor Market in 2021

Anti-burnout and telecommuting in the labor market. Trends in the Ukrainian labor market in 2021

Companies are increasingly focusing on employee experience, digitalization and burnout. Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of trends in the Ukrainian labor market.

  • Hybrid work format. The coronavirus epidemic has forced companies to reconsider their work formats. In 2020, this process was still chaotic, and in 2021, businesses were already massively implementing hybrid workspaces. Employees are accustomed to working from home and are not hurry to return to their offices.
  • Employee engagement. Due to the remote format, companies have problems removing employees from corporate processes. Social ties have weakened in teams. The most popular tool for maintaining communication and communication within the company is online conferences and meetings.
  • Wide geography of employees. The global trend of the labor market is the wide geography of recruiting in remote work conditions. This, on the one hand, gives companies a bigger selection of talented search engines. In addition, the competition among professionals has increased.
  • Change in values. Employees began to value their psychological and physical comfort more. Employees began to attach greater importance to their work, corporate culture and the general atmosphere in the team. Corporate culture and values ​​rank third when choosing a company for young people and the older generation.
  • Implementation of mental health care programs. It was calculated that every dollar invested in mental health prevention programs increases productivity by $4. One of the main trends in 2021 was the massive implementation and development of mental health care programs in Ukrainian companies.
  • Further digitalization. The transition to new formats of work in the context of the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of training, communications and personnel management projects. Corporate chatbots, social networks, gaming applications for training and communication within the company are becoming more common.
  • Improving employee and candidate experience. Whereas in the past, companies primarily paid attention to the formation of customer experience, today the priority is given to productive and positive contact between the company and the employee.
  • Training. It is now easier to use internal resources to maintain the required skill level of the staff—professionals who sense change and want to learn. As a result, leading companies are introducing retraining programs and acquiring new knowledge and skills by their employees.
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