Chinese Electric Buses Assembles in Ukraine

Thursday, June 10, 2021
Chinese Electric Buses Assembles in Ukraine

"Bas Motor Company" has signed a cooperation agreement with China's "Zonson Smart Auto Corporation"

At the moment, the company Bas Motor is part of the Bogdan corporation, and the Chinese Zonson Smart Auto Corporation is a part of the ZTE Corporation.

According to the general director of Bas Motor Oleg Mishchenko, the agreement provides for the possibility of producing electric buses with SKD / CKD kits in Ukraine. This can become a great start for the international partnership.

First, the demo versions of the electric bus will be tested in Ukraine. "The new electric bus meets all environmental and technical standards and has a European certificate," the corporation said. Also, Zonson Smart Auto Corporation is considering the possibility of" rel="dofollow">manufacturing electric buses from its components at the Bas Motor facilities.

As a reminder, Zonson Smart Auto specializes in the production of diesel, electric, and tourist buses. The company cooperates with Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Israel, UAE, Kazakhstan, Singapore, and other countries.

Earlier in the capital's International exhibition center, electric vehicles produced in Ukraine, namely Konyk and Volyk, were presented.

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