Coal Industry of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Coal Industry of Ukraine

In the bowels of Ukraine, there are huge deposits of useful minerals: 117 species out of 120

The extractive industry is very rich in the country. The total coal reserves in Ukraine are 56.6 billion tons, including confirmed — 45.3, probable — 11.3. This is about 4% of the world's reserves (8th place in the world. High-quality coal, its 42.7 + 11 billion tons, brown coal — 2.6 + 0.3 billion tons).

Today there are 5 coal regions in Ukraine:

  • Volyn;
  • Lviv;
  • Dnipro;
  • Donetsk;
  • Luhansk.

Donetsk coal basin includes about 300 mines. This is the largest coal region in the country and the reserves of the material extracted from the Donetsk basin amount to almost 240 billion tons. Almost all types of coal are mined in this basin: anthracite, coking coal, gas and brown.

For 11 months of 2021, Ukrainian miners produced 22.807 thousand tons of coal used by thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants. The cost of coal is about $35 per ton of material.

In 2020-21, coal production fell due to the transition to investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/alternative-energy/" rel="dofollow">alternative energy and energy sources and outdated equipment. Therefore, investing in the modernization of equipment for mining mines is a profitable niche for financing.

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