“Coca-Cola” Invests $1.1 Mln in the Reconstruction of the Kindergarten

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
“Coca-Cola” Invests $1.1 Mln in the Reconstruction of the Kindergarten

The company will donate funds for the restoration of a preschool in the village where the "Coca-Cola" plant has been operating for 25 years

The Coca-Cola company announced that it will participate in the program to reconstruct post-war Ukraine. Specifically, Coca-Cola is investing $1.1 million in a kindergarten in the Kyiv region, Bohdanivka village. The kindergarten was completely destroyed, only the foundation and one swing remained.

Bohdanivka was chosen for a reason: the Coca-Cola plant has been operating in this village for 25 years and provides jobs to Ukrainians from the entire Velykodymer district.

"In such unprecedentedly difficult times, we are doing everything to serve Ukrainian society, regardless of any obstacles. We restore business processes and invest in the reconstruction of the local community," Konstantinos Spanudis, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC in Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova.

In the first February days of Russia's attack on Ukraine, the Coca-Cola plant was damaged. Now the plant has not only resumed work but is also helping the region to recover.

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