Company Growth in Ukraine: Industries Have Been Supplemented by Employers

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Company Growth in Ukraine: Industries Have Been Supplemented by Employers

During the year, 34 thousand new organizations were established in Ukraine

The growth of legal entities in Ukraine was 3 in 2021. Thus, 33.745 new" rel="dofollow">enterprises were officially opened in the country. Ukrainian service monitoring registration data of Ukrainian companies OpenDataBot, reports that the increase has occurred in a wide variety of industries.

Last year’s trade turned out to be the most popular destination. The number of persons engaged in selling products and clothing reaches 23% from all existing companies in Ukraine. Last year, 8.699 companies were established in the wholesale trade.

Companies specializing in tobacco production are no less important than the trade in goods. In 2021, 29% of organizations were in the country. It should be noted that the growth was 80% in two years, and the new companies succeeded.

The three leaders are closed by IT specialists who have started official activities. Over the last two years, 29% of officially registered technological enterprises have appeared in Ukraine. 14% of the 29% was discovered between January and December 2021.

It is worth mentioning Ukrainian public organizations and employers for domestic workers. The number of these organizations is growing rapidly. In the past year, 3.285 voluntary organizations have been registered in Ukraine. There is a small gap between public organizations and domestic and local service companies — 3.271 new legal entities.

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