Confiscation of Western Property in Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 2, 2022
Confiscation of Western Property in Russia

The speaker of the lower house of the Russian federal assembly proposed to confiscate all western business assets

The US  president proposed to freeze Russian assets abroad, but in the ideal scenario — to adopt a law on the confiscation of the assets of Russian oligarchs to transfer them to Ukraine for the reconstruction of war damage. The speaker of the Russian parliament, Viacheslav Volodyn, reacted to such a statement by Joseph Biden, threatening all of Europe.

Russia, as an aggressor country, continues to maintain its parallel, so in response to the freezing of assets in the US, Poland, and the Baltic countries, they want to take all foreign property located in Russia. The Russian Federation is considering the possibility of confiscating the assets of another’s business and using all the received funds in the domestic economy.

We emphasize that the aggressor country is actively promoting the idea that the war in Ukraine began because of the West. So while Russia is trying to destroy Ukrainians with weapons, Britain, Sweden, Germany, and other Western European countries are being hit with economic and gas threats.

"In this regard, it is correct for a business located in the territory of the Russian Federation, whose owners are from unfriendly countries where such decisions are taken, to respond with mirror measures: to confiscate these assets. And the proceeds from the sale to spend on the development of our country," a quote from the speaker of the lower house of the federal assembly of Viacheslav Volodyn.

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