Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine From a Friend GT Invest

A friend of our company and a citizen of America, David Soley, sincerely congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day    
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Today, August 24, Ukraine celebrates the 31st anniversary of its independence. David Soley sent congratulations to Ukraine and our nation. Reprinted verbatim with the permission of the author

To Ukraine and the World, August 24, 2022, Independence Day

Written by David Soley

Ukrainians you are showing the world your greatness, courageous compassion, and desire for victory, peace, and freedom. What other nation and its people in today’s world would rise up within hours waiting in long lines for days with great desire, to serve their country. Actors, athletes, business directors, global soldiers, factory workers, secretaries, retail workers, doctors and care staff, truck drivers, warehouse professionals, technology people, bartenders, hair stylists, and so many others rose up and are serving Ukraine and servicing world democracy. Due to great leadership Ukrainians are accomplishing great triumphs on the battlefield. They are also experiencing tragedies every day; they are also suffering war’s hell.

Yet the surprise Ukrainian attack and their effective response to such a malicious attack on them has captured the hearts and minds of the world. Ukraine is showing the world it is a great nation and defender of democracy. In response World Leaders must increase their respond by providing significant material support, so this war quickly ends. On August 24, 2022, as one of many hundreds of millions of people around the world, I express my deep desire each Ukrainian experiences a blessed Independence Day. The world desires a complete Ukrainian victory.

It is with special honor and respect as an ordinary American citizen and a very small voice from the world, I acknowledge to all Ukrainians my support and love to each of you on August 24, 2022. To each of you this year’s Independence Day is especially special and
important. Ukrainians are defending freedom on August 24, 2022.

As an outsider and just a world citizen I respectfully hope that each of you are able to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day in safe protection experiencing the goodness of family, friends, work associates, and people you know with God providing favor. Show careful judgment on Independence Day. Each of you is providing a special and vital role, helping Ukraine secure freedom and build a sustainable democracy.

Ukrainian freedom is important not only to Ukraine, they protecting democratic free will and self– determination for every free nation. Therefore World Leaders, Rise Up.....increase your support with increased armaments and material and financial provisions. European Leaders, increasing your support you are defending your people and their sovereignty.

Freedom must be cherished, and the human rights associated with freedom cannot not be violated. Any nation inflicting their will on another nation causing or creating harm on innocent citizens and property must be dealt with a harsh and destructive response. Countries inflicting

To Ukraine and the World, August 24, 2022, Independence Day David Soley Copyright © 2022 1

such evil must suffer the severe consequences. Their leaders must be brought to court and judged by Ukraine and the world, severely punished for their actions.

To quickly end this awful war, World Leaders push your other agendas aside, Rise Up and serve Ukraine. World Leaders, Ukrainians are serving on the front lines sacrificing their
blood. Ukrainian citizens are serving in government, helping in hospitals, cities, communities, in business, factories, or in social service servicing their country and home front while their soldiers fight a war. Rise Up, increase your support for Ukraine. Supporting Ukraine, you are possibly preventing future harm on your own people and property. Rise Up, support Ukraine, allow freedom to shift from vison to final outcome.

Unfortunately, sadness lingers; Ukrainians continue to suffer. Ukrainians have lost family members, friends, homes, possessions, and their workplaces. I cannot begin to imagine and think of such terrible loss. All I can say is I give my love and heartfelt thoughts and prayers to each of you. I am sorry......I am really sorry. Nations who fight for their freedom regrettably pay for their freedom in blood, anguish, painful personal events, and property loss. Yet the cost must be made so Ukraine’s government is preserved, and its people remain free. World Leaders support Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have lost so much in just a short time.

In helping each Ukrainian adjust and live their best lives I like to share a personal core value I created as an afterthought following a near death experience a year and half ago. It is called Rule Number 5. Rule Number 5 should be everyone’s intended purpose in life.

I came up with this idea from watching NCIS, one of the best TV shows in America. NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service is a 1–Hour criminal–oriented TV show. In the show, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon a great actor and in real life a solid American) leads a group of colorful personalities in investigating crimes--ranging from murder and espionage to terrorism--that have evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel and national security. (NCIS overview found on Google Search)

In each hour–long series Gibbs (everyone is referred to by their last name) introduces particular rules such as Rule Number 10. Each rule is aligned or related to a specific action required for a certain kind of situation. The rule helps everyone stay focused on accomplishing particular tasks or honoring those who are solving a crime or improving one’s life experience.

This show had an impact on one of my personal life experiences. I nearly died one and half years ago. During this timeframe I had a serious uncommon illness (non-cancer, not COVID, or heart issue). In a matter of weeks my internal system was shutting down. I was given about a 12% to 15% chance of surviving, my doctor said I was a medical freak for being alive at the most serious time of my illness. Fortunately, I quickly got better. As I reflected back at my life following this illness, I realized I had to rearrange my life priorities. I came up with Rule Number 5. Rule Number 5 is as follows:

1. God and Country are Number 1. We honor and serve God. Country can be your country or a country where the call for defense of freedom or human need requires immediate response.
2. Family and their best long–term interests is Number 2 in priority.

To Ukraine and the World, August 24, 2022, Independence Day David Soley Copyright © 2022 2

3. People who serve you in the community as well as friends and people in your workplace as well as their best interests are Number 3
4. People you do not know or never see are Number 4. However, they become Number 2 when they are threatened or endangered.
5. You are Number 5. Your personal agendas can be served as long as they do not violate the first four rules.

Rule Number 5 enables any individual to help and serve others. In times of need with any life circumstance, Rule Number 5 is the difference maker in solving any life issue. At the core level heart–to–heart connections are being made generating goodness for all. Recognizing and responding to someone or a group of people’s personal anguish or issue with heart–to– heart comfort reduces the pain. The healing and restoration process begins. More important Rule Number 5 begins the relationship development process between individuals, groups of people, or nations.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian war is creating many kinds of suffering for may Ukrainians. Opportunities to help and be a caring partner must be made to those who have need and those who will always need assistance. Yet at the same time efforts must be made to uplift those who have experienced war’s hell. They also want to have personal independence. A welcoming and sincere presence must be made to each individual and groups affected by the war. It is at these moments love from heart–to–heart connections have the greatest impact for both individuals and groups. The best way to start is creating a friendly presence and just saying hi. The best way for all of us to respond is to serve and provide our best to Ukraine. It is time for the world to help Ukraine’s people experience Ukrainian Freedom.

May August 24, 2022, be a day of honor and remembrance for those who have fallen and represent leadership in motion toward a victorious outcome. Lord God as the fighting continues, increases the level of understanding within the Ukrainian military. Guide Ukrainian military leaders in uncovering new pathways and defining proper movements. Allow new movements to create imbalances within the enemy ranks.

Ukrainians desire the sound of silence and the gentle winds of peace to be felt by all. In time happiness will be felt as families and their children share their laughter and love to one another. Loving connections and generous gifts of goodness among Ukrainians and world citizens occur across valleys and slops of Ukraine. The world will cherish each of these living moments. World Leaders continue your material support for Ukraine

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!
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