Construction of a Bitumen Production Plant in Lviv Region

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, November 26, 2021
Construction of a Bitumen Production Plant in Lviv Region

Turkish company Beta Engineering plans to build a bitumen factory in the Lviv region

Beta Engineering considers the Lviv region as a platform for expanding its facilities. The company wants to start working in Ukraine and attract investments in the format of state partnership. The authorities will propose a list of land plots on which a future Ukrainian-Turkish enterprise could appear and are considering registering an industrial park for the construction of a bitumen plant.

The plant is planned to be built on income investments.

Beta Engineering is a Turkish engineering company specializing in oil and gas projects, refineries, power plants, petrochemical, and cement industries. Entrepreneurs have their oil refineries and bitumen plants in Turkey and Iraq.

The launch of the new plant will increase the production of energy-efficient wall materials in the construction market of Ukraine and create 145 new jobs in the Lviv region. Investments in construction will amount to more than €18 million. The plant is scheduled to start operating in November 2022.

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