Continuation of Fuminori Tsutiko Story 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 24, 2023
Continuation of Fuminori Tsutiko Story 

A 75-year-old Japanese man fed Ukrainians in the subway for a year, and now he has opened a free cafe

At the end of February 2022, Japanese pensioner Fuminori Tsutiko was on an excursion in Warsaw and saw thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war. Then Mr Tsutiko arrived in Ukraine and has been in the residential area of Kharkiv, Saltivka, since May 2022. it was there that hundreds of Ukrainians hid in the subway from daily Russian shelling. A kind-hearted foreigner fed Ukrainian children with his own funds.

And so, a year later, he opened a FuMi Caffefor children and people. Here every day for 3 hours, everyone who needs it is fed for free. The cafe is sponsored by friends and close acquaintances of Mr Fuminori, as well as Japanese benefactors whom the Kharkiv hero found and attracted on his own.

"At least once a day, I can provide food for the people," Fuminori Tsutiko.

"I want people to smile," added Mr Tsutiko.

For now, Fuminori rents the cafe space. Perhaps over time, Ukrainian philanthropists will support someone who supports ordinary Ukrainians and sponsor the premises.

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