Cooperation in The Field of Digitalization of Public Services

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Cooperation in The Field of Digitalization of Public Services

Ukraine and Estonia discussed strengthening cooperation in the digitalization of public services

Cooperation in the field of digitalization of public services, development of industrial parks, and introduction of electronic services between Estonia and Ukraine, within the framework of an international partnership. Estonia is ready to share its experience in implementing" rel="dofollow">projects to digitize public services.

"Estonia will implement a pilot project aimed at the development of border regions. In particular, we are talking about electronic queues at checkpoints. Two such points on the border with Ukraine will open soon. Drivers do not have to wait two or three days when crossing the border. A positive experience can be useful in the process of digitalization of public services in Ukraine," said Kaimo Kuusk, plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine.

It will be recalled that with the support and thanks to the experience of Estonia, Ukraine made an electronic passport in a smartphone and added a lot of government services in the Diia application.

Estonia has been using X-Road since 2001, software that allows all government agencies to communicate in encrypted form.

In Estonia, in 99% of cases, people do not need to go to a notary or some institution, but you can do everything from a laptop at home. There are many options via laptop, via smartphone, in Estonia, there is a so-called mobile ID, which works based on a SIM card, i.e., you do not even need a smartphone, you can use a digital signature anyway.

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