Copyright on a Work of Art

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 19, 2021
Copyright on a Work of Art

The copyright for drawings can be registered in the manner that is regulated by Ukrainian legislation

To do this, you will need to draw up and submit an application, which contains a request for registration of the copyright object. Registration of this copyright is carried out 2-3 months from the date of filing an application with Ukrpatent. At the end of the entire procedure, you will be provided with a Certificate of copyright registration for the work”. This document is protected by the state.

Documents required for patent

  • An object of fine art in electronic format;
  • Complete information about the author of the work (full name, date of birth, address);
  • Clearly formulated name of the object;
  • Indicate the exact date of creation of the object of fine art;
  • Write several sentences (in the form of an abstract) that will reveal the description of your work.

What individuals can register the copyright of a work

  • Author, artist, designer, etc. (individual);
  • Several authors who worked in a group on the same work (individuals);
  • A legal entity, when the original authors are employees of this organisation and the creation of a work of art was part of their official duties.

Like all other authors, the creator of fine (artistic) art has all personal" rel="dofollow">property and proprietary copyright for his work. All these rights are established and regulated by the legislative framework of Ukraine.

A special features which contains the artist's copyright

  • The right to access;
  • The right to follow;
  • The right to buy out the developments.
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