Corpses Float in Flooded Houses

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Corpses Float in Flooded Houses

Hundreds of Ukrainians couldn't evacuate from the occupied part of Kherson and drowned in their own homes

The Dnipro river divides Kherson into right and left banks. The Russians temporarily occupied the left bank. After the explosion of the Kakhovka dam, thousands of tons of water rushed to Kherson and the region. Ukrainians from the right bank of Kherson were evacuated, and Ukrainians in the occupied territory were caught in a Russian trap. The invaders did not allow the Ukrainians to evacuate, and they drowned.

Settlement Oleshki: the water dropped, and 90 drowned people were found. And there are dozens of such settlements: Gopra, Kokhany, Kardashinka/Bolshaya Kardashinka/Mala Kardashinka, Podzemny, Floodplain, Nechaev, Vinrozsadnik, Pischanivka, Sagi, Right and Left Solonetsy, Rybalche, New and Old Zburovka, Zabarine, Grape, Kozach Lager, Krinki, Korsunka... the water came down and exposed hundreds of corpses.

"On June 9, people who were able to get to the village of Right Solontsy saw the dead lying on the roofs of their houses. Elderly people who could not get out onto the roof are swimming right in the houses as corpses," an anonymous witness to the tragedy, who miraculously escaped from the occupied parts of Kherson and saved.

As a result of undermining the dam, not only people drowned, but also animals. Their corpses float along the Dnipro, carry them out to sea, and nail them to the shores of Odesa.

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