Create Virtual Office Models in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Create Virtual Office Models in Ukraine

Even in COVID-19, find the best: digital doppelgangers in Ukraine

Digital doppelgangers are special IT designs that are used to transfer a physical building, an office, into a virtual network. They were particularly relevant during the pandemic.

While the employees of the firm work remotely, using the usual programs on the home computers, managers can establish another business branch. As long as Ukrainians do not always work in the office, the businessman has free space in his" rel="dofollow">real estate. The building may be safe for several days to several years by making digital doppelgangers. Unique systems help to monitor buildings using IT technology data. Such development is essential in Ukrainian banks, state institutions, large private corporations.

The twin office also cares about the integrity of the building. The programs record the temperature changes, the amount of humidity, the density of the concrete plates. Such a function has a future in Ukrainian educational institutions. Since the safety of children in the country is given a great deal of attention.

The digital doppelgangers will not become obsolete even after the completion of COVID-19. With the program's help, Ukrainian institutions will be able to observe optimal distances between working spaces, make new plans of offices, and know where better to place the table of a new employee. Many companies in the country already use this function.

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