Crops of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Crops of Ukraine

Export, development, modernization

Ukraine is one of the world's major grain exporters. Wheat, corn, barley are exported to other countries in significant amounts. Wheat is the main export product in Ukraine.

This year, the" rel="dofollow">agricultural producers have actually completed sowing of the main winter crops on an area of 8.06 million hectares (98% of the forecast). In terms of crops, as of the end of the first decade of December, it was sown: 

  • Wheat — 6.1 million hectares;
  • Barley — 955 million hectares;
  • Rye — 125 thousand hectares;
  • Rapeseed — 881 thousand hectares.

Winter wheat makes up about 70% of the total area sown with this cereal, while spring wheat covers almost 30%. Spring barley occupies primarily the southern regions: Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad, Mykolayiv oblasts. The largest areas are located in the Dnipro region. Wheat occupies almost half of the total sown area with cereal crops in Ukraine.

Today in Ukraine, 30 thousand hectares are allocated for irrigation systems, and rice is grown on an area of 12-13 thousand hectares, which provides the country with rice by less than 40%.

The main exports are done by seaports, through which last year moved more than 8 million tons of grain products (about 60% of exported volume). The largest ports are Odesa, Ilyichevsk, Mykolayiv and Mariupol. Wheat is mainly exported by sea and railway transportation. Wheat is the main export product in Ukraine. This year, the wheat harvest for the first time exceeds 30 million tons and is about 33 million tons.

The state program, which opened the land market for sale and purchase, will bring fresh blood to the agribusiness of Ukraine. Significant investments, the creation of new irrigation systems, modernization of equipment and a new look at agriculture are already starting to work on Ukrainian lands.

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