Czech Republic Commits Significant Funding to Artillery Ammunition Plan for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, April 4, 2024
Czech Republic Commits Significant Funding to Artillery Ammunition Plan for Ukraine

The Czech Republic is set to contribute tens of millions of euros to its led initiative aimed at purchasing hundreds of thousands of artillery ammunition for Ukraine

Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced this commitment, highlighting that the Czech contribution would amount to hundreds of millions of Czech crowns, equivalent to tens of millions of euros.

Prime Minister Fiala underscored that this level of support is reflective of the Czech Republic's size and economic standing. "This roughly corresponds to the share that a country of our size and prosperity should contribute," he remarked.

The initiative, steered by the Czech Republic, has garnered the participation of approximately 18 countries. Germany has pledged the largest contribution so far, promising 576 million euros for 180,000 artillery shells.

A collective effort involving Czech government officials and private companies has led to the ordering of at least 800,000 large-caliber ammunition units from global suppliers. The first batches of these munitions are anticipated to reach Ukraine by June. Czech officials have noted that the 800,000 figure is not the final count and that the procurement could be expanded with additional funding.

This initiative comes as Ukraine faces a critical need for artillery munitions amid ongoing conflict with Russian forces. The warfare, characterized by heavy artillery exchanges along a 1,000km front line, has maintained mostly static, fortified positions, underscoring the strategic importance of sustained munition supplies.

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