Czechia Donates $2 Mln to Humanitarian Projects in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 2, 2023
Czechia Donates $2 Mln to Humanitarian Projects in Ukraine

More than $2 mln in demining the territory of our country, as well as helping our internally displaced persons and refugees

On June 28, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Czechia announced a donation for the humanitarian needs of Ukraine and Moldova. Funding for $2.07 million (Kč1 = $0.05) will be divided into 2 directions.

  • Kč25 million — demining of the Dnipro region in the east of Ukraine and local projects for humanitarian demining in other regions;
  • Kč45 million—- assistance to Ukrainian refugees within the framework of Help on the Ground: internally displaced persons, Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, and Ukrainians who returned home after being forced to leave for other regions or abroad. After February 24, about 800.000 Ukrainians left for Moldova. Not all of them remained in Moldova, but this number is still impressive.

“Despite the fact that the Russian war in Ukraine is still ongoing, we are already trying to help stabilise the situation in the country as soon as possible,” Czech interior minister Vit Rakusan.

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