Daughter of “Samsung Electronics” “HARMAN International” Bought Ukrainian “Apostera”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 11, 2022
Daughter of “Samsung Electronics” “HARMAN International” Bought Ukrainian “Apostera”

An international company-developer of technological solutions in the automotive industry bought a Ukrainian developer of mixed reality systems

Apostera has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 4 years, providing its products to the European and American markets as well. For HARMAN, the purchase of Apostera is an entry into new customers and the market for AR/MR solutions.

"HARMAN strives to provide in-car solutions with the speed and flexibility of consumer technology along with the reliability and performance of automotive-grade solutions. The seamless application of AR to the physical environment, as implemented in the mixed reality of Apostera, helps to achieve this goal, turning any display in the car into a rich context," Christian Sobotka, рead of the automotive department of HARMAN.

The companies did not name the deal amount, but an investor survey estimated the figure at about $50 million.

"We are pleased to join HARMAN, a visionary in the field of automotive technology, who sets the vector in the digital transformation of the industry. The scale and reach that HARMAN will provide to our technologies will help them become industry leaders and provide more in-vehicle experience for more drivers than ever before," said Andrii Holubynskyy, CEO of Apostera.

The Apostera team consists of more than 100 employees, and offices are located in Kyiv and Odesa (about 80 people), St. Petersburg, and Shanghai.

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