De-occupied Borodyanka After the Exit of the Russian Troops. Photos

On April 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated a city in the Kyiv region from Russian occupation. Russians raked alive under the rubble hundreds of people
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The minister of internal affairs of Ukraine, Denys Monastyrskyy, after visiting Borodyanka, said that this is the most destroyed city in the Kyiv region.

Before the Russian occupation, there were 29 high-rise buildings in the city. Now 21 of them are damaged, and 8 have been razed to the ground.

The occupiers dropped rockets on residential buildings and forbade Ukrainians to clear the rubble and pull people out of there.

People under the rubble instantly died from bodily injuries. But most people died slowly, blocked by the ruins of the house, in the dark, and without air.

This woman has been waiting for 3 days for her family to be pulled out from under the rubble. Rescuers brought her a chair.


Mined car.

The central square of Borodyanka.

The deceased, who was pulled out from under the rubble after a rocket attack on the residential area of Borodyanka.

The Russian flag is painted on the burnt wall of the Ukrainian building. The flag is perceived as a mark of death from Russian weapons in this situation. A symbol of violence and cruelty.

The shot-through monument to the Ukrainian folk poet Taras Shevchenko.

The poet is famous for the fact that in almost each of his works, Shevchenko called for getting rid of the Russians' oppression and praised the freedom of Ukraine and its people.

A tiny saved life.

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