Declaration of Support for Canada for Ukraine’s Accession to NATO

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, June 10, 2023
Declaration of Support for Canada for Ukraine’s Accession to NATO

On June 10, Zelenskyy and Trudeau signed a declaration in Kyiv and talked about attracting Canadian business participants to Ukraine

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and deputy PM Chrystia Freeland arrived in Kyiv today. Negotiations were held with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which resulted in the signing of a joint declaration on Canadian support for Ukraine in our aspiration to become part of NATO.

"Canada highly appreciates the determination and courage of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces in defending independence. Their steadfastness and courage on the frontlines of democracy not only protect the security of Europe in the face of violent Russian expansionism but also strengthen the rules-based international system and demonstrate that regardless of no matter how cruel the enemy is, force does not make him right," the text of the declaration.

During the press conference of the president and prime minister, Zelenskyy. He thanked Justin Trudeau for his continued support of our country during this dark time. In particular, for economic support: Canada decided to extend the terms of the duty-free import of Ukrainian goods for another 12 months. It also became known that Canada will transfer to Ukraine the Russian An-124, frozen by sanctions. On behalf of all Ukrainians, the president thanked Canada for participating in demining Ukrainian territories.

"We discussed the resumption of Ukraine, the involvement of Canadian businesses in the resumption, in the implementation of specific projects, and our victory, we will be as united as we are now on our path to protect life and people," Zelensky.

Today, Canada is also going through a terrible period: broad fires are growing across the state. The president expressed the readiness of Ukrainians to participate in the elimination of fires and help the affected citizens of Canada.

"We talked about how Ukraine can help in this situation. We never remain indifferent to life threats, we are ready to help our fire brigades if needed," Zelenskyy.

We remind you that during the earthquakes in Turkey, Ukrainian rescue teams went to Turkey to save the lives of those affected by the cataclysm. Unfortunately, Turkey did not respond in kind when Ukraine needed help in the fight against the Kakhovka flood.

Justin Trudeau commented on the tragedy at the Kakhovska HPP.

"We have no doubt that the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam was a direct consequence of Russia's decisions to invade a peaceful neighbour Ukraine. Russia's war in Ukraine had a catastrophic impact on infrastructure, destroyed families, took lives, and caused economic, food, and energy shortages worldwide. Russia is responsible and will bear this responsibility," Justin Trudeau

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