Denmark has already trained 50 Ukrainians for F-16 maintenance

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 28, 2024
Denmark has already trained 50 Ukrainians for F-16 maintenance

Denmark’s efforts to train Ukrainian personnel for F-16 maintenance and operational roles are progressing, with significant milestones achieved and plans for further training outlined:

  1. Training Achievements: Denmark has already trained 50 Ukrainian specialists for F-16 maintenance. These individuals have completed their training and are actively involved in preparing to receive the first F-16 aircraft in Ukraine.

  2. Future Training Plans: Denmark plans to train a total of 100 Ukrainian specialists for various roles related to F-16 operations. This includes pilots, mechanics, weapons specialists, and ground personnel for Ukrainian air bases.

  3. Current Status: The first batch of 50 maintenance specialists has returned to Ukraine to assist in preparing for the arrival and operational readiness of the F-16s. Training for the next 50 specialists is scheduled to commence after a summer break.

  4. Pilot Training: While 20 Ukrainian pilots are expected to complete training by the end of the year, the training process for the first batch is still ongoing. Danish officials noted that the pilots are nearing readiness, but the training is not yet fully completed.

  5. Future Training Beyond 2024: Denmark announced that Ukrainian personnel will not continue training on F-16s in Denmark beyond 2024. However, Denmark remains committed to supporting Ukrainian pilot training in other countries beyond this timeframe.

These efforts underscore Denmark's substantial contribution to Ukraine's defense capabilities through personnel training and support for its air force, enhancing Ukraine's ability to maintain and operate advanced military aircraft effectively.

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