Denmark Transfers $2.6 Billion More to Ukraine

Tuesday, May 31, 2023
Denmark Transfers $2.6 Billion More to Ukraine

The Danish government decided to provide military assistance to Ukraine in 2023 and 2024

Danish prime minister сaid that earlier this week it was decided to increase the state budget to help Ukraine. The increase in the country’s spending will be $2.6 billion. This amount is calculated to provide military assistance for 2 years. So in 2023, Denmark’s support is twice the age. Recall that Denmark has already contributed more than $1.7 billion in arms and supplies to Ukraine. Danish politicians believe that the Ukrainian armed forces now need support and that it is urgent. The decision to provide long-term military assistance was therefore taken now.

"There are no signs that next year will be a year of peace, so we have already allocated more than ten billion in 2024," said the prime minister.

Denmark plans to add about $1.2 billion to the amount already approved next year. Mette Frederiksen notes that the sums only seem large. The bailout fund for Kyiv is rapidly running out, as Denmark is one of the most active allies. The prime minister notes that financial and military support will not end until Ukraine win over the aggressor.

The president of Ukraine has already thanked Denmark for the decision.

"Thanks to Folketing, the Danish government, and the people of Denmark for the decision to increase the funding of the Fund in support of Ukraine by $2.6 billion. This tangible contribution will further strengthen the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army in the short and medium term," Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter.

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