Despite the War: Another Plant Opened in Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Despite the War: Another Plant Opened in Ukraine 

The manufacture of patented equipment for beauty salons entered the markets of 30 countries of the EU and the USA

The plant was opened already during the war. The idea of creating the production of unique equipment for the sphere of beauty appeared in the spouses from the Dnipro, Serhii and Tatyana Shelest. They opened the enterprise in Uzhgorod and began to make extracts for manicure masters. SheMax hoods differ in details and size from existing offers on the market.

Hoods made in Ukraine have the form of a tablet, size 7 cm. In addition, the plant produces all the necessary parts independently. The fully Ukrainian invention is already used in Ukraine and other countries.

"For all our devices, we have a patent and trademark of Europe. We export to 30 countries in Europe and America. SheMax is in every 3rd salon of the largest European market – France. The global goal is to prove to the whole world that everything that is done in Ukraine is at a high level," say the owners of the SheMax production.

Now the team wants to become popular in the US market. But regardless of whether they can achieve this goal, they are already doing an important thing – developing the Ukrainian market and creating new jobs.

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