Development of 20% of Industrial Zones in Kyiv Will Take About 6 Years

Friday, August 27, 2021

The purchase of housing stock can bring an investor $17 bln of income

According to analysts at the construction company M4U, we are talking about one-fifth of industrial areas that have already been certified for redevelopment into residential buildings and have detailed plans for future residential areas.

Provided that the investor buys 100% of the premises at the stage of the initial implementation of projects, the developer will receive about $17 billion in profit. The data is conditional as it is based on today's prices. And prices, as you know, can change depending on market growth and other conditions.

"We did not try to achieve 100% accuracy. This is not commercial information that a developer can use as the basis for a business plan. This service is designed to draw attention to the size and potential of the market," said Volodymyr Danilenko, director of M4U.

To calculate the market capacity, the researchers took the demand indicator for apartments in 2020. Last year, developers in Kyiv sold 40,5 thousand apartments for a total of $261 million.

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