Development of Aerologistics in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Development of Aerologistics in Ukraine

To scale its service to the territory of other countries, the largest private delivery service in Ukraine “Nova Poshta” opens its own airline

Supernova Airlines, the airline of Nova Poshta, is part of Nova Posta Global and will handle international cargo delivery. Supernova Airlines will include a fleet of aircraft and personnel. Today the new airline is in the process of passing certification and verification of compliance with European standards.

“The decision to launch our own airline was dictated by the fact that we want to continue to guarantee our customers high quality, speed and predictability of delivery,” said Yuri Benevitskyy, CEO of New Mail Global.

The starting sites for Supernova Airlines will be the Ukrainian airports Boryspil and Lviv.

“We cooperate with partner airlines to transport the items of our customers and are very grateful to them for the fruitful interaction. However, the traffic volumes are constantly growing and new horizons need to be explored,” Benevitskyy.

Nova Poshta is the largest express delivery service for parcels. In 2021, 8,700 branches function in Ukraine. In 2020, Nova Poshta launched a service for the delivery of small-sized cargo by drones.

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