Development of Energy Storage Facilities in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 17, 2022
Development of Energy Storage Facilities in Ukraine

Ukraine adopted a law on a reserves system for "green" power

Energy reserves are a process involving selecting electrical energy for later use. So the energy has to change its kind. It helps to make reserves and convert such energy into electrical energy at any time. Converted energy can also be transferred to the consumer in the transmission system.

So, the Ukrainian government has taken several new decisions in this area of electricity development and storage. According to the law, a new type of service will appear in the country. To create reserves, in Ukraine will come the operators of the energy storage plant. The government had already defined rights and obligations for operators. The document also describes the licensing of energy storage activities.

The energy storage operator is entitled to:

  • Buy and sell electricity in the electricity market;
  • Receive money for the electricity sold by the contracts concluded;
  • Access the system of transmission and distribution on fair and transparent principles;
  • Have access to information concerning market activities.

The manufacturer has the right to use an energy storage facility without a license. But operators must choose electrical energy in a warehouse, not exceeding the capacity of licensed manufacturers.

Accumulation systems help integrate "green" generation into the Ukrainian energy system and ensure the reliability of power delivery into the network. Since 2015, "green" energy in Ukraine has become an industry that can be considered successful both within the economy and globally.

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