Development of Ukrainian Athletes in Pandemics

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Development of Ukrainian Athletes in Pandemics

Ukraine will soon begin its third year when the restrictions related to COVID-19 are either in force or have been lifted. It was assumed that the most challenging part would be for athletes whose careers depended directly on visits to gymnasiums,  competitions, and playgrounds. But the athletes found a way out and deployed their startups in Ukraine.

Korobkyn Hleb, a Ukrainian athlete, never practiced professional sports. He was interested in judo, MMA, crossfit. And at the time that the entire gym was quarantined, he decided that the athletes needed an alternative gym. With a team of like-minded athletes, the athlete developed a training app called Musclegym. There are sports programs for amateurs and beginners, and professional athletes. Fitness trainers, nutritionists, health advisors, copywriters worked on the program.

2 other Ukrainians, Izmailov Mykyta and Saprykin Denys founded Sportbank. In two years, the bank has 300.000 clients. Among them are people who live a healthy lifestyle and representatives of big sports in Ukraine. For example, participants in the Olympic Games.

The main goal of Sportbank is to promote healthy lifestyles and open sports opportunities. Therefore, customers receive a significant discount of 10% when buying sports goods and services in Ukrainian markets. And in the partner shops, it can be twice as big. In addition, if you spend more than $700 with a card, Sportbank gives you a free monthly subscription to Ukrainian gym Sport life.

So the founders of such projects motivate sports fans to tie all financial activity to one card.

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