Diaspora of Ukrainians in Canada

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, December 24, 2021
Diaspora of Ukrainians in Canada

Canada has the largest Ukrainian diaspora because Ukrainians began to immigrate here more than 100 years ago

Today, the number of Ukrainians in the total population of Canada is about 4% and ranks seventh in the TOP of the country's national minorities.

In March 2020, 1.354 million people confirmed their Ukrainian origin. This was announced by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko. About 350 thousand people have both Ukrainian parents, more than 950 thousand people have one of the parents.

Why is Canada attractive to Ukrainians?

One of the important factors that attract numerous immigrants from Ukraine to the country is the help and support of the diaspora. Ties are significantly developed here. To the extent that together they help to take out a mortgage to purchase housing on more benign and favorable terms. Whichever city you move to, you will find compatriots who will help you adapt, solve every day and more serious issues.

The country is loyal to national minorities, and everything is regulated by law. All diasporas have the right to preserve their cultural values, pass on cultural heritage and traditions to their descendants.

Ukrainian diaspora in Canada today

They play a larger role in Canada than the almost twice as large diaspora of Ukrainians in the United States. Three midwestern provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba became the center of Ukrainian culture. Ukrainian settlers have become fighters for advanced multiculturalism.

The ethnic Ukrainians who have achieved success on the political stage in Canada include William Gavrilyak, Edward Stelmakh, Roman Gnatyshin. Thus, the Ukrainian diaspora has a large political and economic weight in Canada.

Today the geography of settlement is as follows: the bulk of Ukrainians are concentrated in the eastern part: Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, Leitbridge, Montreal.

Ukrainians lead an active social life: they organize festivals, parades, their own holidays.

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