Didn’t Break Then — Won’t Break Now

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
Didn’t Break Then — Won’t Break Now

Euromaidan. November 30 marked the 9th anniversary of the bloody struggle for the freedom of the Ukrainian people

9 years ago, one night in Ukraine's capital changed the state's whole history. It all began on November 21 with a peaceful rally against Yanukovych's refusal (the fourth president of Ukraine) of European integration. The people of Ukraine waited and believed in the signing of the treaty between Ukraine and the European Union, but the president stopped the preparation process, focusing on the Russian authorities. This was the reason that thousands of students, teachers, and people with settled professions gathered in the centre of Kyiv. They urged the government to continue on the path of transforming the country to move closer to Europe. But on the night of November 30, Yanukovych made a decision that turned Euromaidan into a revolution of dignity…

The government of Ukraine has failed to respond to the voice of a people that is anti-presidential and anti-government. As a result, the battle teams were ordered to disperse Euromaidan by force. On 30 November, subordinate Ukrainian authorities used force against peaceful demonstrators for the first time. The tragic night took the lives of more than 100 people, most of the students. Subsequently, the first victims were named Heroes Of The Celestial Hundred.

The security forces, subordinate to Yanukovych, beat people with truncheons, fired, and fired smoke bombs. On December 1, about 1 million people came to Kyiv to overthrow the government, which gave the order to "close the people's voice". Representatives of various diasporas, professions, and regions began to fight for the freedom of Ukraine. On that day, Ukrainians' desire to join the European Union grew into a desire to be free. The Dignity Revolution has begun.

On February 22, 2014, it ended when the brutal Ukrainian government fled the country like a mouse in the light. As expected, Yanukovych and some of his associates fled to Russia, whose dolls they were and are today.

It is worth noting that a similar scenario unfolded in Belarus. But there, the power of the people could not exceed the power of the government, which is under the protection of Russia. Belarusians have become part of Russia. Since 2014 and February 24, 2022, on a large scale, the Kremlin is still trying to capture Ukraine, not through puppets, but with its dirty hands.

However, a nation that has cast out the unclean from the land will not let it in from the outside!

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