Digital Services are Available and Convenient for Everyone

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Digital Services are Available and Convenient for Everyone

The Ministry of digital transformation, with the support of the UN Development Program, begins to create a standard for digital accessibility

The Ministry of digital transformation and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine presented two studies on digital accessibility Accessibility of e-government services and tools for citizens in Ukraine and International practices on accessibility of mobile applications of public authorities.

The first study tested 82 government websites and 7 service platforms ATMs and government terminals. The study showed that not all of these resources are 100% available.

The second study examined how accessibility issues are regulated in other parts of the world and whether it is possible to apply this experience in Ukraine. In addition, the experience of 14 leading countries in digital accessibility is analyzed, which helps to formulate a clear action plan.

In Ukraine it is advisable to adopt a harmonized standard EN 301 549. All sites and mobile applications developed by government agencies must comply with it. This requires improving legislation, developing technical recommendations, and conducting training for those responsible for digital accessibility.

According to the state portal.

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