Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipro Warriors. Photos

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56th separate motorised infantry brigade “Mariupol”

"Many of them from the liberated territories had time to feel for themselves who we are fighting with these are the ones who will beat the bastards to the end. There is something to take revenge for... They came to the Armed Forces themselves, it is not that they were dragged to the Military сommissariat by the ear..." Hryhir, the group commander tells about the motives of his colleagues.

"I have 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren. Therefore, there is simply no choice, I cannot allow the Russians to reach my house! We need to beat and chase them so that they forget the way to us!" Hryhir tells his story.

Warriors of the 17th Kryvyi Rih’s separate tank brigade named after Kostiantyn Pestushko
53rd separate mechaniіed brigade named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh

Photographer — Konstantyn Liberov

61st mortar separate mechanised brigade
110th separate mechanized brigade named after corporal general Mark Bezruchko
Anti-tank fist — 3rd separate assault brigade, outskirts of Bakhmut. Soldiers calculating the anti-tank missile complex
59th separate motorised infantry brigade named after Yakiv Handziuk
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