Don’t Look Away From the War in Ukraine

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Russian "Hurricane" killed a 13-year-old boy in Kharkiv. The boy's father read prayers over the body for 2 hours. 20 July 2022

A boy from Irpin at the grave of his mother, who starved to death during the occupation of the town. The photo was taken after the de-occupation: the boy brought canned food to the mother's grave 

Volunteer at the exhumation of bodies in Bucha

Don’t Look Away From the War in Ukraine

A baby killed by a Russian shell. Mariupol 2022

The boy who got lost in the Ukrainian crowd on the border of Poland


A boy killed by a Russian shell. Mariupol. February 2022

Evacuation of civilians from Irpin. March 2022

People at the Kyiv railway station are waiting for an evacuation train. February 2022

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