Dreams Сome True

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
Dreams Сome True

The governmental program "Ukrainian Dream" is launched in the next 3 months

The state program initiated by the president’s office will offer Ukrainians a mortgage. The new offer on the real estate market will be a favorable offer for young families. The program provides for granting loans at a rate of 5%. Credit money can be used to buy housing and other important items. For example, a loan can be used to buy an electric car.

Every Ukrainian will be able to take advantage of the Ukrainian Dream. It is enough for the borrower to have a regular official income. 

"There’s a family that earns $73-1,000 in a month. Our task is to allow this family to get a new apartment of 60-70 m² for a monthly payment of $350-370," told the program deputy head of the office of the president of Ukraine, Rostyslav Shurma.

The program is expected to be launched from January to March 2022. The final reviews of the documents and terms of the loan contracts are underway. In just one year, it is planned that within the framework of the Ukrainian Dream, at least 30.000 mortgages will be issued. There are plans to increase the number of loans in the coming years. The president’s office says that the number of loans can be increased to 150.000 a year.

Such a step by the government would enable Ukrainians to realize their dreams, preserve the environment and promote the construction industry. It is noteworthy that credits are planned to be issued for the purchase of new houses and apartments in modern residential complexes. Giving money to buy electric machines will allow people not to choose between greenness and affordability. It should also be noted that lending at a rate of 5% may become more popular than micro-loans and other loan programs, which need to be repaid for many years.

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