DTEK Invests UAH 4 Billion in Thermal Power Plant Restoration

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, July 8, 2024
DTEK Invests UAH 4 Billion in Thermal Power Plant Restoration

DTEK Energo, a leading energy company in Ukraine, has announced a significant investment of UAH 3.9 billion towards the repair and restoration of its thermal power plants (TPPs) damaged by ongoing conflicts

General Director Ildar Saleev highlighted the extensive damage suffered by the company due to enemy shelling, with more than 80% of DTEK TPPs affected and a total loss of 9.2 GW of generating capacity in the power system.

Key Points:

  • Investment Details:
    • DTEK plans to invest approximately UAH 3.9 billion in 2024, a figure that matches last year's investment in similar efforts. These funds are primarily sourced from the company's internal resources.
  • Extent of Damage:
    • The thermal power plants have been heavily targeted, with over 180 attacks since the start of the full-scale invasion. This relentless assault has resulted in severe infrastructure damage, injuries to 51 energy workers, and the tragic loss of three lives.
  • Government Collaboration:
    • The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine is playing a crucial role in consolidating equipment needs across various companies to support the restoration efforts. This involves sourcing equipment from mothballed stations abroad, as no single company can manage such extensive destruction independently.

Strategic Importance:

The restoration of DTEK's thermal power plants is critical for ensuring energy security and stability in Ukraine. The significant investment reflects the company's commitment to rebuilding its infrastructure amidst ongoing challenges.

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