Dutch Foundation SOEGG Visits Irpin to Discuss Aid and Reconstruction

by Cheplyk Roman
Friday, March 22, 2024
Dutch Foundation SOEGG Visits Irpin to Discuss Aid and Reconstruction

Representatives from the Dutch aid organization SOEGG, known for its charitable work in Eastern Europe, recently visited Irpin, Ukraine, to engage with local officials and explore avenues for assistance

During their visit, the SOEGG team met with Andriy Kravchuk, the first deputy mayor of Irpin, to discuss the city's reconstruction efforts and the social-economic revival following the Russian occupation.

Since 2011, SOEGG has been active in Ukraine, collaborating with the Zhytomyr-based charity "Bread House" and extending support to medical institutions through donations of necessary equipment. Andriy Kravchuk highlighted the devastating impact of Russian aggression on Irpin, noting that approximately 70% of the city's housing stock suffered damage or destruction. He emphasized the ongoing reconstruction efforts aimed at facilitating the return of residents displaced by the war.

Kravchuk also shared examples of successful collaborations between Irpin and international partners, including NEFCO, UNICEF, the Government of Lithuania, and the World Bank. These partnerships have been instrumental in the city's recovery process. A key discussion point with the SOEGG representatives was the potential support for Irpin's medical infrastructure, specifically the provision of medical equipment for a new medical center on Sadova Street.

This visit underscores the importance of international aid and cooperation in rebuilding communities affected by conflict and highlights the continued need for support in restoring essential services and infrastructure in war-torn areas of Ukraine.

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