€140 Mln Guarantee for Spanish Investors in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, July 22, 2023
€140 Mln Guarantee for Spanish Investors in Ukraine

Spain has created 2 funds of €70 million each: the 1st one insures investors, the 2nd one supports representatives of Ukrainian business

Spain has assessed the opportunities for its profit from business activities in Ukraine and has created a guarantee fund of €70 million for Spanish businessmen who will enter the Ukrainian market. Construction, energy, IT, and agriculture are of the most significant interest in the field of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine today. The most promising area with the least competition is the processing area. Ukraine also plans to develop and strengthen the military-industrial complex and invites foreign investors and specialists to join.

Spain also allocated €70 million to support small and medium-sized private Ukrainian businesses. This will help reduce the pressure on entrepreneurs and allow them not to restructure their obligations but to earn and hire new employees.

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