€500 Mln Investment From the EIB in the Recovery of Ukraine 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 21, 2023
€500 Mln Investment From the EIB in the Recovery of Ukraine 

The funds will be sent in the form of grants, loans and guarantees for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and financial organisations

16 EU countries have decided to create a trust fund of €400 million based on the EIB. The funds will be used to support the sustainability of the Ukrainian economy by providing grants and loans to Ukrainian banks and businesses. The program is designed to support Ukraine before the long-term EU reconstruction plan comes into force. Valid until 2025. France and Italy donated €100 million each to the fund, Germany did not participate, as it prefers to continue working with Ukraine through the central budget of the European Union.

It is assumed that this financial support will help Ukraine restore large infrastructure (bridges, houses, industrial enterprises) and the work of small and medium-sized businesses.

According to EIB vice president Teresa Czerwinska, the EIB is considering contributing an additional €100 million in technical support to help it use the funds more efficiently. Just like they do in wealthier countries.

In 2023, the EU allocated €18 billion in support to Ukraine and plans to provide another €50 million in 2024-27 to rebuild Ukraine after the victory.

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