€92 Mln Military/Humanitarian Assistance From Belgium

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
€92 Mln Military/Humanitarian Assistance From Belgium

These funds were previously frozen by sanctions and seised for the Russians 

Belgium has taken 2 decisions at once regarding a new package of military assistance for Ukraine and funds seized from Russian individuals. Let us clarify that we are talking about citizens of the Russian Federation, which were included in the list of European sanctions. €92 million seized from representatives of the aggressor country in Belgium will be handed over to Ukraine through military equipment and humanitarian aid. On May 12, this decision was made. Thus, Russia begins to pay for military aggression against a neighbouring country. 

€46 million will be spent on the new transfer of armoured vehicles, ammunition and other weapons. 

"The success of this new assistance will depend on the speed with which new equipment can be delivered to Ukraine. The goal of our country with this new package of weapons and ammunition is to meet the needs on the ground promptly in a short time," said Belgian defence minister Ludivine Dedonder.

€46 million Belgium will transfer to meet the humanitarian needs of Ukraine. The money will be distributed under UN control. This amount is planned to be divided into increasing humanitarian aid and assistance to the population in the combat zone. The civilian population's support consists of decent housing, health, and food.

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