Eco Efforts of Ukrainian Plants

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Eco Efforts of Ukrainian Plants

Nikopol ferroalloy plant started to use air emission control and introduced an air cleaning system

In Nikopol, in the south of the country, a large plant has put the Ukrainian gas aspiration complex into operation. The project of the system was created and implemented by Ukrainian specialists. On the station construction, they spent $11.4 million. The new complex completely isolates emissions released into the air during production. The system at the Nikopol ferroalloy plant performs several ecological functions at once:

Dust cleaning

The first days of operation made it possible to obtain a figure of 55 tons. This amount of dust removes the complex in just 24 hours.


Because the system, together with the dust, captures the particles of manganese present in the production, such waste is sent back for recycling. It is estimated that the secondary raw material, agreed upon by the purification complex, will return to production about 22.5 thousand tons per year.

Transmission of emission data

Reports on air dust are transmitted to the Ukrainian ecological inspection online. This makes it possible to control the status of the environment in the area and protect people living near the plant.

The general director of the ferroalloy plant noted that the plant was not the first or the last sustainable project.

"For us, the commissioning of another ecological facility is an important moment. Because we contribute to the ecology of the" rel="dofollow">enterprise, the city, and the country as a whole. In the last 20 years, we have built 15 gas aspiration systems, and in the whole life of the enterprise — 25 units were built and reconstructed at the plant. Their total capacity is 10 million m³ of purified gas per hour. Altogether, there are working 50.000 filters at the plant, which remove the polluted dust-air mixture from the workplaces," said general director Volodymyr Kutsyn.

The first gas-aspiration complex was put into operation in December 2021, but the company is preparing to build the second such system.

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