Editor of Russian TV Channel Spoke Against War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Editor of Russian TV Channel Spoke Against War

Maryna Ovsiyannikova, editor on the main Russian channel recorded a video message and performed live

Maryna Ovsyannikova is the editor-in-chief of the international department on the First channel in Russia. Before she went live on the news, she recorded a video message. She writes about the deliberate creation of news against Ukraine, propaganda. The woman burst into life during the news. She showed the poster "No War" on live TV.

The activist has already been detained by the Russian authorities. Her further fate is unknown. But Ukrainians and Russians who oppose the war are grateful for such a bold step. People write words of gratitude on Ovsyannikova's Facebook page.

Despite such a step, doubts still arise. After all, the anchor of the news did not react to the noise from behind, and the Russians began to film TV just before the activist. Therefore, some Ukrainian journalists and employees of news companies suggest that this was a deliberate step by the Russian government.

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