Educational Cooperation Between Ukraine and Poland

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 2, 2023
Educational Cooperation Between Ukraine and Poland

Polish language may be added to the list of subjects for exams before entering higher education, in Ukraine 

Representatives of the Ukrainian ministry of education and science and the Ukrainian centre for quality assessment of education held a meeting regarding the Europeanization of education. They are considering the possibility of training Ukrainians in Poland and Poles – in Ukraine. This will make it possible to start the process of European humanitarian cooperation. It is planned to start with Poland, as it is the nearest European country, and Ukrainians often choose her for study and life.

"Joining the Poles is key to sustainable development and security. Education and language are the main instruments through which such integration begins. We must move on to concrete actions to integrate into the European space. The first step is to learn the languages of neighbouring countries. And this step should be mutual: the Poles are ready to include Ukrainian as a foreign language in the list of studied subjects," said deputy prime minister Irina Vereshchuk.

For his part, Ukraine is also ready for legislative changes. They will come to the fact that schools and secondary institutions can introduce another foreign language – Polish. This will lead to the expansion of the educational program and the creation of new jobs – for teachers of the Polish language. Ukraine will also consider the possibility of introducing the neighbour's language in the program of exams for admission to institutes.

It is noted that Ukrainians, taking an external exam in the Polish language will be able to enter Polish universities with a certificate received in Ukraine. For Polish citizens, the ministry of education of Ukraine is developing an admission program for Ukrainian universities with results Polish Egzamin mature.

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