Electric Car Service in Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Electric Car Service in Ukraine 

"Avis" company leases Volkswagen ID.5s, charged at EV-charging stations "Yasno"

The war hit not only people and infrastructure but also businesses. It is obvious. But without waiting for the war's end, Ukrainian business is adapting and recovering, reproducing relevant services.

The Ukrainian representative office of Avis purchased 10 units of Volkswagen ID.5/2022 electric cars and provides them for short-term/long-term (1 day-12 months) rental and leasing (1-4 years).

All electric vehicles are provided charged at electric-vehicle charging stations from the state provider Yasno. The power of 1 station = 22 kW, making it possible to simultaneously service 2 cars simultaneously.

In addition to cars, Avis provides training on how to work with electric vehicles.

If you want to participate in the electric vehicle charging market, please contact GT Invest. We will help you launch your own EVS network and compete with Yasno.

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