Electronic Business Residency in Ukraine for Foreigners

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, April 2, 2023
Electronic Business Residency in Ukraine for Foreigners

On April 1, came into force a law  allowing third-country nationals to register their legal entity in the IT field remotely

A law has come into force in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to strengthen the IT capacities of Ukraine with the help of foreign entrepreneurs and projects. The law on e-residency creates a basis for foreigners to register themselves as an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine and operate here in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

What will this give IT entrepreneurs from other countries:

  • Registration of your company in 30 minutes online, and not in a week in Ukraine;
  • Remote control of your project;
  • The right to use an electronic signature and a personal online banking account;
  • Payment of taxes on favourable terms, personally designed for e-residents.

"According to our forecasts, only in the first year after the full launch of the project about 1.000 foreign entrepreneurs will receive the status of e-residents. And this is +1 million dollars to the Ukrainian budget," Ministry of digital transformation.

We remind you that in Ukraine, there is a specialised program-community Diia.City, in which Ukrainian IT specialists work on preferential terms, pay taxes at a reduced rate, and also enjoy several bonuses that are not available for other industries. Thanks to this, the programming industry in Ukraine grew by 13% during the war.

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