Electronic Documents: Advantages for Ukrainian Business

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Electronic Documents: Advantages for Ukrainian Business

Operating paper signature, environmental friendliness, cost-saving — digital trend engines in Ukraine

Paperless is a large office project with minimal paperwork. The main idea is to digitize all processes in the company fully. Even though paperless is already a common phenomenon in Western Europe, Ukraine continues to learn about the system and to discover advantages that others did not even know about.

Today, small and medium-sized businesses are particularly active in paperless circulation. In just a few years of moving paper to electronic systems, the Ukrainian businessmen managed to highlight indisputable advantages:

Saving time

Digital documents do not require the circulation of papers from cabinet to cabinet or the organization of flights for the signing of contracts and agreements by partners from other countries.

Productivity enhancement

All necessary documents are always on the phone or on the laptop, which makes it possible at any time to send the required paper for signature, correction, approval, etc.


When everything is digitized, costs for a printer, paint, paper, logistics, etc., are reduced or eliminated.

Besides the distinct advantage of electronic documents in business, Ukrainians also point out several points:

  • Security. Only authorized persons may have access to electronic documentation. Moreover, only a certified digital signature is accessible for the signature of documents;
  • E-documents can have ready-made templates, reducing the time by typing and others;
  • However, it is unnecessary to spend paper and find the right computer to change the document. The required part of the document can always be edited from the phone or smartphone in online mode;
  • The Tax шnspectorate in Ukraine also move on to electronic document circulation, therefore can carry out checks of e-papers.

Of course, besides the convenient and fast work of business, Ukrainians also note the eco-efficiency of digitalization.

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