Electronic Educational Management in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 28, 2022
Electronic Educational Management in Ukraine

All educational registers of Ukraine will be combined into one electronic automated complex

On July 28, the parliament of Ukraine adopted a bill on increasing the capabilities of the electronic educational system Automated information complex of educational management. According to the draft law, AECOM's task is to unify all electronic resources and information about the educational process in Ukraine and to create a system to solve the following tasks:

  • Educational budget;
  • Ordering textbooks and education documents (report cards, diplomas);
  • Development of teachers and educational institutions;
  • Enrolling, deducting, transferring pupils/students;
  • Reformation of the educational process.

"In essence, this electronic system is a kind of Diia in the field of education. It will link all data and registers so that different bodies and institutions can see the necessary information in one place. This will greatly facilitate the life of educators and students of educational institutions and their parents. For example, to transfer a child to another school, the student's parents will not need to collect piles of papers — all data will be in AECOM. Also, thanks to the electronic system, how many children study in a particular region will be clear. This will make it possible to more fairly distribute the educational subvention, order textbooks, etc.," head of the subcommittee on higher education, Yuliya Hryshina.

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