Energy Complex “Ukrinterenergo” for Sale

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, November 8, 2021
Energy Complex “Ukrinterenergo” for Sale

"Ukrinterenergo" is established to realize the export potential of Ukraine's energy sector

Ukrinterenergo operates in the electricity market of Ukraine and Europe, supply of energy resources and equipment, implementation of construction projects for electricity facilities. The priority activity of the enterprise at present is a fulfillment of special duties in the electricity market, namely performance of functions of the supplier of "last hope" according to the law of Ukraine About the electric power market.

Export of electricity

Ukrinterenergo was the first in Ukraine to start exporting electricity to Eastern Europe and the CIS. In particular, electricity was exported to Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the Republic of Belarus.

Transit of electric energy

Since 2002, Ukrinterenergo has been providing services for the transit of electricity through the electricity networks of Burshtyn (Amber) TPP, resulting in the maximum filling of the capacity of the interstate electricity networks of Ukraine has been ensured.

Electricity supply to non-household consumers

From January 1, 2019, as part of the first stage of the state reform of Ukraine's electricity market, Ukrinterenergo provides electricity services to consumers throughout Ukraine.

Energy import

The company trades in energy sources such as coal and natural gas produced both in Ukraine and abroad.

Production of electric and thermal energy

Ukrinterenergo was joined by the Kalush heating power plant, which produces heat and electricity in the city of Kalush in western Ukraine. During its stay as a part of Ukrinterenergo, a large-scale reconstruction of the leading equipment of the station was carried out, which allowed to significantly reduce the cost of electricity and heat production and ensure stable and profitable operation of the Kalush heating TPS.

Now Ukrinterenergo is being sold into private hands under the Big privatization program. The energy complex can be purchased through Prozorro electronic bidding.

Call GT Invest, and we will help you become the owner of Ukrinterenergo, modernize it and implement your business capacity on its basis.

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