Entrance of Businessmen From Poland and South Korea to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 2, 2023
Entrance of Businessmen From Poland and South Korea to Ukraine

The Ukrainian bank and representatives of business/government agencies of the 2 states discussed investments in the restoration of Ukraine

On May 22-23, an international conference Support to Ukraine in humanitarian aid and reconstruction projects, was held in Warsaw. Participants representatives of the Ukrainian national bank Oschadbank and representatives of the Polish and Korean business and political sectors. The purpose of the conference was to attract foreign investors and business participants to Ukraine for the mutually beneficial development of the Ukrainian economy and the participants of the foreign sector.

"The main topics of all meetings are the possibility of attracting funding, ways to combine state, international and commercial funds to restore Ukraine's infrastructure, Oschad's experience and expertise in working with foreign partners and managing large-scale projects," Yuriy Katsion, deputy CEO of Oschadbank.

Oschadbank of Ukraine held talks with the minister of lands, infrastructure and transport of South Korea, Won Hee Ren, members of the transport and logistics corporation KIN, Samsung and the vice president of the Polish-Ukrainian chamber of commerce.

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