Envisaged for the State Budget Expenditures for 2022

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Envisaged for the State Budget Expenditures for 2022

A safe school will be in 2022

Ukraine recently approved the state budget for 2022. The amount of expenditure is intended to cover issues of national importance. One of such issues is fire safety in schools. State aid to local budgets will be provided upon official request. The total subvention for the coming year will be almost $55 million.

Upgrading teaching profession prestige

While continuing to take care of the educational process, in 2022, the state budget will support students. Support is planned to be expressed by an increase in academic scholarships. The primary purpose of the growth is to strengthen social protection and popularize the teacher profession. However, not all students should wait for the increase of the scholarship. The money allocated by the state budget will be paid to students taking teacher-training programs. The new calculation can be expected for vocational and higher education students.

Health workers will receive new salaries

New health-care salaries are also provided in the new budget. The State budget of Ukraine in 2022 was intended not only to pay the doctors and other medical personnel salaries but also for social benefits. Specialists who have changed jobs or changed their qualifications will be able to receive such payments. Of course, salaries will also rise.

The new budget includes expenditures that positively impact the country’s overall state. Implementation of such plans in Ukraine will cost $56.094 million.

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