Eradication of Corruption From the Construction Sector

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 10, 2023
Eradication of Corruption From the Construction Sector

Ukraine digitalises the urban planning process to create transparent conditions of cooperation for all market participants

A representative of the Ministry of community development, territories and infrastructure Serhii Derkach, presented the state anti-corruption program in the field of urban planning, real estate, procurement, etc.

"For the Ministry of reconstruction, the state anti-corruption program provides for the development and improvement of more than 10 new digital tools: online platforms, portals and electronic registers that will allow monitoring the reconstruction process, receiving services in the field of urban planning, etc. That is, it is about creating conditions for transparent and accountable reconstruction at the expense of digitisation and automation of all processes and services," Serhii Derkach.

Against the background of the start of reconstruction of the cities destroyed by the war, a reboot of the regulatory and legal framework is highly necessary. Thus, the state will create access to monitor all urban development processes, a digital map to familiarise with the stages and results of projects. Separately, it is planned to transfer all urban planning documentation of Ukraine to the Unified state electronic system in the field of construction.

We remind you that today the state is working on new tax reform, which will radically change tax rates and make corruption impossible in the state and private business of Ukraine.

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